MP High Court puts bail condition: Asks the arrested person to “Go for counseling”

MP High Court puts bail condition: Asks the arrested person to “Go for counseling”

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh granted bail to the accused person named Anwar who was arrested for his WhatsApp post opposing the passing of Citizenship Amendment Act, (CAA).

The petitioner has been granted bail on the condition that he will undergo counseling and will have to be present himself before the Advocate and Social Worker Mrs. Rashmi Pandey. The counseling period includes first week of February, March and April, next year (2021).

The accused person had posted a WhatsApp status in order to oppose the CAA. The status was (in Hindi):

“tumne Dilli mein ek goli maari hamne M.P. mein aur Shaheen Bagh bana diya (NO CAA NRC)”

The petitioner/accused was arrested on 2nd July 2020, earlier this year and had been under detention since then. A case was registered under Sections 188 and 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code.

The accused promised before the Court that he will no longer repeat any such act that is incites such feelings or hampers and affects the national integrity of India. Further, he will submit an affidavit at the subordinate court.

On producing a personal bond of rupees 30,000/- to the satisfaction of the subordinate court, the accused was directed to be released.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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