“Necessary to shift to the platforms like Zoom or Cisco Webex”: MP State Bar Council to Supreme Court e-committee

SCBA Writes To CJI To Increase The Number Of Vacation Benches

The Chairperson of the Madhya Pradesh State Bar Council, Dr. Vijay Choudhary, on Tuesday (25th May 2021) had written a letter to the Chairperson of the Supreme Court e-committee, Hon’ble Justice DY Chandrachud, requesting a change in the hearing platform used for virtual hearings of the Hon’ble Madhya Pradesh High Court.  

Dr. Vijay Choudhary through his letter seeks the urgent attention or interference of the Supreme Court e-committee for promoting and strengthening the virtual system of the hearing of the cases in Madhya Pradesh High Court. The letter noted that “in the case of Court’s hearings which has been conducting virtually, the applications and the software that are being used for handling virtual Courts must be completely user friendly and meets all the desired expectations. Thus, make hearings efficient, non-interruptive and hassle-free.” However, the current platform called the ‘Jitsi platform’ does not meet the above standards. The problems like echoing of sounds, repeatedly hanging of video, constant humming in the background, etc. are being faced when the aforementioned platform is used. Hence, it becomes necessary to shift to the platforms like Zoom or Cisco Webex that ensure efficiency, accessibility, and productivity. 

Lastly, the letter mentions that “not only the litigant concerned must have a right to attend his case, but also the cases which he wants to attend any other one listed before any other Court. This will ensure accountability on the part of the Advocate concerned, as would also boost the confidence of a common citizen in the justice dispensation process by the Hon’ble High Court.”

Paramjeet Singh
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