NGT seeks Centre and States to ban crackers from November 7th to 30th in Delhi

Supreme Courts says to Calcutta HC: High Court knows the local conditions better on ban of firecrackers

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked for the opinion of the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Central Pollution Control Board and other states on the issue of banning firecrackers from November 7th to 30th in Delhi alleging that the increase in pollution may deteriorate pandemic situation in territory.

Bench comprising Chairperson Justice Adarsh K. Goel, Justice Sheo Kumar Singh, Dr Satyawan Singh Garbyal and Dr Nagin Nanda noted that there are expert views on clear connection of air pollution with Covid-19 i.e. with the increase in pollution virus will cause more damage.

It was also stated in the plea that the increased level of pollution may affected the vulnerable groups more and there can be increase in fatality rate and even the use of green crackers will not be a remedy for the situation. Increased pollution will increase poor visibility, will make conditions hazy and will cause asphyxia. The number of cases in city may rise up to 3 times daily.

The said application was filed by ISRN (Indian Social Responsibility Network) through Santosh Gupta referring statements of Health Ministers of Union and Delhi that the Air Pollution may rise during this festive season which will ultimately give a rise to COVID number of cases.

The bench has sought responses from MoEF&CC, CPCB, DPCC, Police Commissioner, Delhi, Governments of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan on the question whether the use of firecrackers maybe banned for the period from November 7th to 30th and has appointed Senior Advocate Raj Panjwani and Advocate Shibhi Ghosh to assist the court as amicus curie in the matter.

The bench has listed the matter for hearing on November 5th.