NHRC issues notice to Rajasthan government on a complaint of ‘rapid rise in crime against women’

NHRC issues notice to Rajasthan government on a complaint of 'rapid rise in crime against women'

Taking cognizance of complaints about the rapid increase in incidents of crime against women in Rajasthan, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sent notices to the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police, Rajasthan. Noting that the state’s primary duty is to protect the rights of women and punish the perpetrators without fail, the commission noted that 80,000 cases related to crime were registered against women in the state last year.

Accordingly, the Commission has directed the parties concerned to investigate specific incidents and submit an action report mentioning each incident to the Commission within four weeks. The NHRC has also directed them to inform the Commission about the steps being taken by the state to increase confidence in women and girls in the state and ensure their safety. In its press release, the Commission has also specifically mentioned some incidents related to crime against women, which took place during the last month and which were exposed by the complainant by the Commission.

It may be noted that the Commission has taken note of the following incidents in the last one month: – 

1. Abduction of a minor girl on 22.03.2021 in Jalore and self-immolation by the victim’s mother due to inaction of action. 

2. Gangrape from a minor in Kota by more than 30 persons between 25.02.2021 to 06.03.2021. 

3. Gangrape victim was burnt alive in Hanumangarh on 05.03.2021. 

4. Gang rape of a woman in Kota on 06.03.2021.

5. Rape of a woman by ASI, when she came to file a report on 07.03.2021.

 6. Rape of a woman in Ajmer on 08.03.2021. 

7. Circumcision and beating of mother and daughter on 09.03.2021. 

8. Kidnapping and attempted rape of a teacher on 13.03.2021. 

9. An attempt by the ACP to rape a woman in the DCP office on 14.03.2021.

10. Rape of a patient in ICU on 15.03.2021 by Nursing Person in Jaipur.

11. Rape and pornography of a woman on 15.03.2021.

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