NITI Aayog seeks public feedback on its draft policy plan for ODR

NITI Aayog seeks public feedback on its draft policy plan for ODR

Chaired by former Supreme Court Judge, Justice AK Sikri , NITI Aayog had constituted a Task Force Committee with a view to mainstreaming ODR in India.

NITI Aayog (Government think Tank) partnered with non-profit CIVIS is seeking a public on its recently developed policy framework for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in India. The plan is open for public feedback until November 11, 2020.

The Think Tank is partnered with non-profit to facilitate the public consultation. It also makes recommendations on necessary improvements to be made to booster ODR in India. The report drafted by NITI Aayog sets out history and background internationally as well as in India.

As the COVID -19 pandemic made prominent need to go beyond the brick, there is need for the dispute resolution centres while continuing to provide equal justice to all. The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is one of the initiatives with technological use to resolve the disputes.

Benefits of ODR includes,

-Cost Effective dispute resolution

– More Convenient and time saving process

-Removes unconscious bias

-Also improves India’s ranking on enforcement of contracts in the ease of doing business rankings.

– Focusing on arriving at mutually beneficial agreements for better dispute resolution by increase in accessibility to justice.


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