Non-bailable arrest warrants issued against activists Nikita Jacob, Shantanu in connection with Greta Thunberg Toolkit case

Disha Ravi Granted Bail in Toolkit Case

After the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi in connection with the Greta Thunberg toolkit row, arrest warrants against activists Nikita Jacob and Shantanu have been released. The pair was responsible for making the Toolkit, according to investigators, and facing allegations that are non-bailable. The police also said that they have been in direct touch with pro-Khalistan organizations and have collaborated closely with the text authors.

Poetic Justice Foundation, according to the investigation, called activist-lawyer Nikita Jacob and asked her to plan a twitter storm ahead of the farmers’ Republic Day rally. The police have said that PJF is a party from Khalistan. Jacob had edited the Toolkit document as per another article, which was circulated by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in support of the ongoing protests by farmers. Presently, Jacob is absconding, the sources claim. 

A squad went to Jacob’s house on February 11, according to Delhi Police Special Cell reports. She signed the paperwork claiming that she was going to join the investigation but went underground.

She appealed to the High Court of Bombay and demanded temporary immunity from police action. Tomorrow the matter will be heard. 

At a moment when there is a generalized uproar about Disha Ravi’s detention, the warrants against the two activists are out. Ravi was arrested in a hush-hush by the Delhi Police on Saturday, and many politicians and activists came out in support of her. Ravi, who claimed she had just edited two lines of the toolkit, was held for five days in police custody.

The police believed that Ravi was a key conspirator in the development of the paper and shared it with Greta Thunberg, a Swedish activist. Ravi denied that she was part of any plot and said that she did not produce the text and just edited two lines of it.

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