Now Reserved Time Slot For Physical Filing Etc. At Karnataka HC

Inquiry of Project by Isha Foundation 'Cauvery Calling' as govt project: Karnataka High Court

The Karnataka High Court has for the convenience of Advocates/litigants and public in general started the facility for Reserving/Booking time slots, during a day, for carrying out the physical filing of Fresh Cases, IA’s, Caveats, DD Deposits and to comply Office Objections of Scrutiny Branch, as well, as to pay the court fee and also to file applications for copying.

As per the notification issued by the Register Judicial K S Bharath Kumar the facility will be available at the Principle Bench in Bengaluru.

 The notification states that “Now since the easy facility is made available for seeking appointment for physical filing, there is no necessity of sending email to for seeking appointment.”

The online appointment application can be filed at: