Oil Mafia gets convicted for Criminal charges under special CBI Court

Oil Mafia gets convicted for Criminal charges under special CBI Court

A Special CBI Court on Tuesday convicted Manoj Goyal and his associate Karan Veer Singh for illegally selling adulterated petrol to the public and government departments. 

The two were charged with cheating and criminal conspiracy under the IPC and Section 7 of Essential Commodities Act,1955. Mr. Goyal and his associate has been illegally selling adulterated petrol even after his petrol pump license was terminated in 2006. From April 2006 to July 2007, over 36,000 liters of fuel were sold by them, according to the CBI. Even though they were not authorized by the IOCL to sell fuel, they dishonestly convinced the public to deliver money in exchange for petrol which charged them with cheating. 

According to the Motor Spirit and High-Speed Diesel Order of 2005, framed under the Essential Commodities Act, adulteration and unauthorized sale of fuel is deemed a criminal offense. 

Therefore, the court headed by CBI’s special judicial magistrate Shivank Singh fined Mr. Singh a sum of 12000 and 3 years in jail. While Mr. Goyal, who was not there during the court proceedings, gets a non-bailable warrant against him with other charges.

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