Patna HC asked the government to provide funds for the infrastructure of educational institutions

Patna HC asked the government to provide funds for the infrastructure of educational institutions

The Patna High Court on Wednesday (March 24), after inspecting the inspection report submitted by the court-appointed committee, said that there is a lack of basic facilities, such as toilets, etc. in girls’ educational institutions in Patna. The High Court on March 9 constituted a committee of three women advocates to visit a list of educational institutions to ascertain the true status of the existence and functionality of the infrastructure to meet the needs of girl students in such institutions.

On March 24, Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S.K. Kumar’s bench observed photographs of the condition of toilets in some educational institutions, especially government schools.

After negotiating with the principals, the court found that funds are provided through several schemes, but are inferior and highly inadequate. To this, the Court remarked that the government should try to provide funds for the maintenance of toilets.

Apart from this, the court also said that the report further stated that the number of toilets is very less and the infrastructure needs to be upgraded. The court directed the Principal Secretary of the Department of Education to deal with the problem and other deficiencies stated in the report submitted by the committee.

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