Patna High Court remarks that Biggest challenge ahead of the Govt. is breaking the myth: “Bihar Corono ko Khaa Gaya Hai”

Patna High Court remarks that Biggest challenge ahead of the Govt. is breaking the myth: “Bihar Corono ko Khaa Gaya Hai”

On Thursday, the High Court of Patna made certain remarks by saying, “Bihar Corona koKhaa Gaya hai” is a myth among the people and also poses as one of the biggest challenges before the Government. The Government needs to work on breaking this myth.

The matter was being heard by Bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S. Kumar. 

A young law student had come to the court and sought specific directions for protection of interest of persons handling Coronavirus as also ensuring the creation of appropriate infrastructure meant for dealing with the crisis. Following which, several other petitions came in, which were later heard together. 

The Advocate General then stated that the daily test limit has increased with about 1.2 lacstests being done. Further, that he shall ascertain the matters pending and the issues involved. 

However, Shri Dinu Kumar, learned counsel appearing for one of the writ-petitioners, informs that the Medical Institutions, specified to deal with Covid-19, are lacking in infrastructure. Illustratively, he mentions that C.T. Scan Machines are either not installed or not fully functional/operational, be it for whatever reason.

The court then added:

“We only add that, this the Government must undertake by all modes of communications, including electronic and print media. On a personal level Persons engaged in pursuing social beneficially schemes, can be asked to sensitize the general public in adhering the advisories issued, at least of wearing masks; maintaining social distancing; avoiding congregation at public places; and taking all precautions in dealing with the problems arising out of current Pandemic Covid-19”.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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