Plea for repayment for families of affected person died due to oxygen shortage

Plea for repayment for families of affected person died due to oxygen shortage

Advocate Sriram Parakkat filed a PIL addressing negligence of authorities in lieu of activist Deepak raj Singh. The PIL urges for compensation to families of infected peoples died due to shortage of oxygen and other clinical substances. 

The plea emphasized that the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare had anticipated the second wave and indicated the issue of inadequate oxygen supply along with government hospital beds, while asking the Centre to take immediate action in view of the same. The 123 rd  report of the Committee on this issue had been presented to the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha on November 21, 2020 and forwarded to the Lok Sabha Speaker four days letter.

The plea also mention to news reports and tweets of Amit Malviya, the IT Chief of BJP, that vide a letter dated 7 th April, the Centre had requested all States to accord authorization to manufacturers of industrial oxygen to manufacture medical oxygen. Additionally, the Centre had issued funds to set up eight oxygen plans in Delhi in December 2020, but GNCTD had only set up 1, while squandering the funds on advertisements, thereby leading to its acute shortage in hospitals

It also exhorts to take strict action against authorities for their reckless conduct, with violation of Covid -19 protocol via granting permission for election rallies, Kumbh meal and other social gatherings that reason the spread of virus and deaths of thousands of peoples stating that as non-essence of social action litigation. Adding to that they pleaded for submission of a  catholic “Nation plan “ to combat the second and third wave of Covid -19. And give direction to the central and state to provide financial and medical assistance to those affected by Covid in participating in those social gatherings. Various measures and recommendations have been enlisted, like suggesting the state to make a scheme on loose vaccination for all Indians and loose schooling upto the age of 21 to those who lost their parents in covid-19.

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