Plea in Punjab and Haryana High Court Seeking Protection for Frontline workers


Frontline workers have been playing a pivotal role in helping India cope with the current destructive situation of Covid 19. Under circumstances where the nation falls short of oxygen cylinders, beds and equipment, medical professionals have been risking their lives to tend to the patients. they have always been on their toes whenever a need has arisen for them to come forward and lend a helping hand. However, on a lot of occasions, it has been noticed that the same people have been harassed to the extent of physical assault and battery. Such instances have been extremely common in the states of Punjab and Haryana in the recent past. The relatives of some of the patients and the people nearby the hospitals have been into misbehaved with the medical staff on various occasions. It should be understandable with due consideration that the frontline workers are human too and that they can make mistakes as well. If the people for whom they risk their lives every day fail to show basic decency and gratitude towards them, then the global claim that India is incapable of handling the pandemic will become true. 

Owing to this gruesome situation, on behalf of the aggrieved parties, Ambika Yadav has filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking immunity for the frontline workers and medical professionals from civil and criminal prosecution under general circumstances so that they can levy their duties without fear and favour. The plea submits that the unnecessary harassments need to be stopped with immediate action as the police have not actively provided protection to the workers when the need has arisen. Setting proper guidelines and protocols for the protection of the fundamental rights of the workers will be a genuine step towards making sure that the country heals faster. The court has taken the consideration to be valid and further hearings regarding the same are about to come up soon. 

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