Policy for vaccination of bodily challenged category & establishment of public grievances cells

Policy for vaccination of bodily challenged category & establishment of public grievances cells

 In Allahabad, the High court Bench comprising of Justices Siddhartha Varma and Ajit Kumar directed the central government to strategies immunization policy for a physically challenged person who cannot be brought to vaccination center and those of age 18-45 who cannot register themselves in COWIN App.

On the problem of vaccine procurement, the Bench stated that buy of vaccine should be performed at a “war footing” given the latest surge in Covid positive instances which is now also engulfing the far-flung rural regions.

High court demand answers from state govt. to state their difficulty if they opt for guidelines for vaccination of disabled category in absence of central.

Public grievances cell, the High court directed the Uttar Pradesh government to open a public grievance cell in every district within 48 hours to assist people with their complaints and queries regarding vaccines and abstaining from viral news about Covid.

the grievance committee should include:-

Chief Judicial Magistrate 

Professor of medical college

Additional District Magistrate

in the rural area complain can be directly registered before SDM it is also directed that districts should provide all statistics of their state with relation to Covid and vaccine.

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