Rajya Sabha Elections must take place before May 02: Kerala High Court

Rajya Sabha Elections must take place before May 02: Kerala High Court

The Kerala High Court has ordered the  Election Commission of India to conduct the elections before May 2, 2021, for the three Rajya Sabha seats. It is because the present assembly sitting will come to an end when the election results announced. 

Further, the order passed by Justice PV Asha in light of the plea filed seeking the completion of the election process during the tenure of CPI (M)-led Kerala Legislative Assembly. It gets revamped in May with the declaration of results of the recently concluded Assembly elections. While hearing the matter, the Election Commission of India assured the Rajya Sabha concerning the polls undertaken during the present assembly regime. Also, the final date not revealed yet. 

The Court remarked that the Election Commission must conduct the elections and get over the process at the earliest. The ECI, without any delay, should take expeditious steps to close the election process before another electorate takes the throne on May 02, 2021. 

Case: Secretary v. Election Commission of India

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