Res Integra

Res Integra

Literal Meaning

A matter untouched (by decision).


An entire thing; an entirely new or untouched matter. This term is applied to those points of law which have not been decided, which are “untouched by dictum or decision.” 


Any matter before court which is new and not decided can be considered as ‘Res Integra’.

Indian Law Position

The maxim ‘Res Integra’ is widely recognized and used in the Indian Legal system.

Case Laws

Prem Chand and Ors. Vs Union of India:

In the above-mentioned case honourable Central Administrative Tribunal – Delhi referred the Latin Maxim ‘Res Integra’.[1]

Rajendra Kumar Sharma vs State of Chhattisgarh & Others:

In the above-mentioned case honourable Chhattisgarh High Court referred the Latin Maxim ‘ResIntegra’.[2]

S.Kasiramalingam vs The Chief Secretary:

In the above-mentioned case the Latin Maxim ‘Res Integra’ was referred by the honourable Madras High Court. [3]

Edited by Vigneshwar Ramasubramania

Approved & Published – Sakshi Raje


[1]  Prem Chand And Ors. vs Union Of India, 2006 (2) SLJ 1 CAT.

[2]  Rajendra Kumar Sharma vs State Of Chhattisgarh & Others, Writ Petition No 2538 of 2006.

[3]  S.Kasiramalingam vs The Chief Secretary, Writ Petition No.22672 of 2012.