Sample Question for Quantitative Techniques (Part 1)

Question 1

A farmer takes 500 mangoes to the market. In the first hour he sells 16% of the mangoes. In the second hour he sells 10% of the remaining mangoes.

1) How many mangoes does he sell?

a) 222    b) 322     c) 42   d) 122

Ans d)

2) How many mangoes are left with him after two hours?

a) 478   b)578   c) 378   d)178

Ans c)

3) What percentage of the total mangoes does he sell in two hours?

a) 17.1   b) 34.4   c) 44.4   d) 24.4

Ans d)


Mangoes sold in the first hour=16% of 500= 16*500/100=80

Therefore the number of mangoes left=500-80= 420

Mangoes sold in the second hour= 10% of 420= 10*420/100=42

(i) Total mangoes sold =80+42=122

(ii) Total mangoes left after two hours=500-122= 378

(iii) Percentage of mangoes sold=122/500*100= 24.4

Hence, he sells 24.4 % of the total mangoes in two hours

Question 2

In an examination, Sunny secured 46 out of 50 in Math,  98 out of 100 in Physics, 36 out of 50 in Hindi and 40 out of 50 in chemistry

i) Calculate his percentage marks in each subject

a) Math

a) 112    b) 46    c) 50   d)  92

Ans d)

b) Physics

a) 118  b) 98  c) 58   d)  48

Ans b)


a) 62  b) 72   c)  85  d)  92

Ans b)

d) Chemistry

a) 40   b) 50   c)  60   d) 80

Ans d)

ii) In which subject did he perform the best and in which subject did he perform the worst?

a)Math and Physics  b)Physics and Hindi  c) physics and chemistry  d) none of the above

Ans b)

iii) Find his aggregate percentage of marks.

a) 98   b) 88  c) 68  d)78

Ans b)



Marks obtained46983640
Maximum marks501005050
Percentage46/50*100=9298/100*100=9836/50*100= 7240/50*100=80

ii) He performed best in physics and worst in Hindi

iii) He obtained 46+98+36+40=220 out of  50+100+50+50=250

his aggregate marks= 220/250*100=88

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