SC Directs Audit Of Oxygen Supplied To Ensure Accountability

SC Directs Audit Of Oxygen Supplied To Ensure Accountability

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed to audit supplies of oxygen to the states and union territories by the center. 

The decision has been passed by the Hon’ble apex court to ensure that the oxygen which has been supplied is reaching its destined state or union territory. 

The Hon’ble court followed this approach to ensure that the oxygen supply is made available to the distributors and the distribution network, in rotation, and is available to the hospitals and medical institutions dealing with COVID-19 affected patients. 

Furthermore, the Hon’ble court stated that the decision so passed has been taken considering the scarcity and black marketing of the oxygen cylinders and to identify the problems concerning oxygen distribution and utilization of oxygen cylinders. 

Moreover, the Hon’ble court also remarked that the audit committee has to be formed by National Task Force constituted by the Hon’ble Court to recommend the method to allocate oxygen to states and union territory.

Subsequently, the Hon’ble court also issued that the central government will continue to allocate the oxygen until 12 member national task force gives its recommendation.

This was observed in the case of Union of India versus. Rakesh Malhotra by a two-judge bench consisting of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah.

Ananya Bharti
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