Schools can only recover tuition fees till the Govt. says the pandemic is over: MP High Court

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The High Court of Madhya Pradesh said on Thursday that the schools can only take tuition fees till the Government says the Covid-19 pandemic is over. 

Several PILs were filed for waiver of school fees due to the financial tribulations posed by the Coronavirus scare. The Court also directed that the fees shall not be increase for the this academic year (2020-21). 

The High Court added that since the virtual classes are going on and the physical activities are at a halt then the schools cannot hike the fees for this session. Further that the salaries shall be paid regularly to the teaching and non-teaching staff without a reduction of more than 20%, if at all there is any. 

The division bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice Sanjay Yadav and Justice RK Dubey observed that even though the schools are closed, the salaries have to be paid. Private educational institutions are not funded by the Government and they are dependent on the fees. 

Of the fees that is to be paid, only the tuition fees can be recovered and other fees like library charges, Lab-fee, Computer fees cannot be asked to be paid.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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