Supreme Court rejects Wasim Rizvi’s petition to remove 26 verses from Holy Quran, fined 50 Thousand

Supreme Court rejects Wasim Rizvi's petition to remove 26 verses from Holy Quran, fined 50 Thousand

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the writ petition of Syed Wasim Rizvi, former chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board, in which he allegedly sought the removal of certain verses from the Holy Quran. He claimed that these verses were allegedly promoting violence against non-believers. A bench headed by Justice RF Nariman dismissed the writ petition, stating that “it is a foolish writ petition”.

The court imposed a fine of 50000 rupees on the petitioner for filing the petition. When the matter was taken up, Justice Nariman asked the lawyer if he was serious about the petition. Senior advocate RK Raizada, appearing on behalf of Rizvi, replied that he was limiting prayer to the regulation of madrasa education. He said that literal interpretation of some verses promoted violence against non-believers, and therefore teaching them could lead children to trust.
He said, “My presentation is that these preaching advocates violence against non-believers. Children are held captive in madrasas at an innocent age. Students should not be reassured. These precepts are marketed in ideas. There cannot be a place. I have written to the Central Government for action, but nothing has happened .. The Central Government and the Madrasa Board may be called upon to ensure that the literal teaching of verses advocating violence What steps have been taken to avoid it. “ However, the bench was unwilling to consider the case and dismissed the petition as ‘absolutely trivial’ and imposed a fine of Rs 50,000. The petition, filed by Syed Wasim Rizvi, contains 26 verses of the Quran, which states that they are used by Islamist terrorist groups as “justification” for attacks on non-believers / civilians.

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