Supreme Court’s suggestion opposed by Vedanta

Supreme Court’s suggestion opposed by Vedanta

Light of the urgent requirement of oxygen to curb the Covid crisis, the Supreme Court viewed that Vedanta, a mining company, could be operated by the Tamil Nadu Government. Vedanta opposed the view taken by the Supreme Court regarding the company’s oxygen plant at Thoothukudi run by the TN government. 

Vedanta opposed the view because the Tamil Nadu Government lacks the technical expertise and financial ability to operate the O2 plant. Moreover, the plant demands 45 trained and competent personnel to run it at a potential capacity. Also, the plant requires engineers with sound knowledge and at least ten years of work experience.

Vedanta stated that if the plant operated by untrained personnel, there is a high possibility that the quality of O2 produced would be hampered and might not be safe for use. To this, Vedanta concluded that the State must not be allowed to run it. 

The matter came into the limelight when the Supreme Court, on April 23, 2021, indicated the State Government to take over the functioning of Vedanta’s oxygen plant. Lastly, the step taken by the Supreme Court after Vedanta approached them to seek permission for re-opening their oxygen plant to cater to the needs of patients battling with the current crisis.

Mihir Popat
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