The Madras High Court to hear homosexual couple’s appeal for shelter

The Madras High Court to hear homosexual couple's appeal for shelter

The Madras High Court on Monday had instance to analyze that society is still tussling to accept the terminology of ‘homosexuality’ of individuals. A single judge Bench of Justice N Anand Venkatesh was hearing an appeal moved by a homosexual couple asking for shelter on account of objection from their families to their relationship. The appellants  further asserted that there was threat to their lives and they were being harassed by the police and were being made run from pillar to post for their safety and security. The Court was exhorted to direct the police not to harass the appellants and also guarantees  that there is no danger from the fourth and fifth respondents to their life and limb.

Contrastingly, the Government Advocate, who took notice on behalf of the Respondent Police, presented that the Respondent Police would be directed in this regard and the safety of the petitioners will be guaranteed.

In related news,  combatants a petition seeking remembrance to same-sex marriages under various personal laws ahead of the Delhi High Court, the Centre last month indicated the court through an affidavit that, “there is a lawful state interest’ in limiting remembrance of marriage to persons of the opposite sex only”, and that the institution of marriage is not solely a concept put down to the realm of privacy of an individual.

Therefore, in high ease to a lesbian woman married against her will to a man of her family’s choice,  the Justice of Delhi High Court on 10 March provided notice on the woman’s petition and instructed the Delhi Police to assure complete protection to the woman.

Shubhi Shukla
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