The menace of circulating objectionable videos in the social media has become a problem: Orissa HC

“Laws Are Made For Citizens And Citizens Are Not Made For Laws”: Orissa HC observed in Contempt Case relating to Sharing of Child’s Custody

Bench of Hon’ble Justices SK Mishra and Savitri Ratho were hearing the matter and stated that the offensive videos targeting the young women have increased on social media. This came in after a Habeas Corpus petition was filed by the father of a girl.

The court noted:

“It is the duty of the State Government to see that such kind of misuse of the social media should not be permitted”.

It was stated that despite filing the FIR complaint, it was not registered at the Jagatpur Police Station, in Cuttack.

The Court added that whenever any complaint is made and if a prima facie cognizable case is made out, the police should register the FIR as early as possible and should investigate into the allegations without any delay.

Further, that the concerned I.I.C of the Jagatpur Police Station police station must act promptly and:

“In that view of the matter, we direct the I.I.C., Jagatpur Police Station to examine the FIR submitted by the petitioner or any of her relation or agent. If a cognizable case is made out, he should register a case if not already registered and take up investigation thereof and take appropriate steps including raiding the houses of the accused if required”.

Also, the I.I.C, Jagatpur Police Station was asked to report compliance to the Court.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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