The Punjab and Haryana HC denied protection to the couple living in “contractual live-in-relationship”

The Punjab and Haryana HC denied protection to the couple living in "contractual live-in-relationship"

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday (March 10) registered its rejection on the ‘new concept of contractual live-in relationship’ supported by a deed, in which the parties stated that their live-in-relationship ‘marital relationship’ Is not. A division bench of Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan said that “specifically (in deed / deed), saying that it is ‘not a matrimonial relationship’ is nothing but an abuse of the process of law, as it is morally in the society Can not be accepted. ”

The matter before the Court was hearing a petition seeking the issuance of directions from the private defendants to the official defendants to protect the life and liberty of the petitioners. Counsel for the petitioners submitted that petitioner No.1 Moyna Khatoon (aged 18) and Petitioner No.2 Labh Singh (around 19 years of age) had prepared a deed of live-in-relationship on 04 March 2021 and a mutual agreement through this certain terms and conditions were fixed in this deed of  live-in-relationship.

The said deed specifically states that both parties have agreed that their live-in relationship is not a ‘marital relationship’ and that the two parties will fully support each other without any dispute and issue and one- No one will claim against the other. The said deed also states that if either party exits the aforesaid deed, the other party shall have the right to approach the competent court for its implementation and finally, on attaining the marriageable age, both the parties shall marry. 

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