Times Now To Air Apology for Crass Remarks against Sanjukta Basu; Directs NBSA

Times Now to Air Apology for Crass Remarks against Sanjukta Basu; Directs NBSA

For a complaint dated 25/03/2019 by Sanjukta Basu, a writer-journalist to the National Broadcasting Standards Authority also known as NBSA, the latter has issued an order directing the Times Now to issue an on-air apology to the former for the objectionable remarks passed on her during a TV debate.

The matter: during a news tv debate titled India Upfront at 8 pm and News Hour Debate at 9 pm on the Times Now channel, the complainant was called a “Hindu Hater” and a “vile troll” at various points. Considering these remarks as derogatory and violative of the guidelines, she emailed the complaint to the NBSA.

NBSA found the remarks violative of the principles of neutrality and fairness. It added:

are discharging a public duty which comes with enormous responsibility. Therefore, while performing this public duty for balanced reporting, the principles of fairness and impartiality. Objectivity and neutrality are to be followed by the broadcaster/ s. Further to safeguard the reputation of the person who is being reported upon, the broadcaster should take the version of the complainant.

In view of this, the broadcaster is issued to air an unconditional apology to Sanjukta Basu at 9 pm on 27/10/2020 in large fonts, full screen. It was also stated that, if videos, related to the remarks mentioned above are available online or on social media platforms shall be removed within seven days.

Anusha Richa Mishra
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