UGC issued guidelines for re-opening campuses of Colleges & Universities Post Pandemic

UGC issued guidelines for re-opening campuses of Colleges & Universities Post Pandemic

The Guidelines have been examined by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfareand approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Education. TheGuidelines are to be adopted by the institutions as per their local conditions and directions of state government.

The Universities and Colleges outside the containment zones are asked to be opened in a sequential manner and after consultations with concerned State or Union Territory Governments and shall be subject to the guidelines for safety and health protocol prepared by UGC. 

The guidelines provided are the measures to be taken by Higher Educational Institutions before re-opening their campuses. The guidelines also describe about the safety measures to be taken at learning sites, classrooms, entry and exit point of campuses, hostels, etc.

The UGC also issued “Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in View of COVID-I9 pandemic and Subsequent Lockdown” in April and then In July which covered aspects of examinations, online teaching and flexibility in academic by University.

Also “UGC Guidelines on Academic Calendar for the First Year of Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Students of the Universities for the Session 2020-21 in View of COVID-19 Pandemic” were issued on 24th September, 2020.

Detailed GUIDELINES: –

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