UK Court: Nirav Modi Extradition, says he will not get Justice in India

UK Court: Nirav Modi Extradition, says he will not get Justice in India

On Thursday, a United Kingdom court ruled that diamond trader Nirav Modi should be extradited to India to face fraud and money laundering charges in the Rs 14,000-crore in the scam case of the Punjab National Bank (PNB). Dismissing Modi’s allegations that his mental health was failing due to the pandemic and conditions in the prisons of India, the court claimed that the probe of the Central Bureau of Investigation reveals his power over dummy businesses. The court ordered that the prison must provide Modi with sufficient medical services and mental health support.

Although Nirav Modi will still reach the United Kingdom High Court, for the Government of India, this is a shot in the arm that has pursued a stern line with the attempts to extradite both Modi and Vijay Mallya. 

The court said Nirav Modi and his brother conspired to defraud the PNB and he has a case to answer in India, adding that a prima facie case has been formed against him. Modi appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in south-west London, where District Judge Samuel Goozee delivered his verdict on whether the jewelers had a case to respond in India before the courts. In accordance with the Indian government’s representations, the judge claimed that there is no proof that if Nirav Modi extradite will not get justice.

The Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London found in its order that Modi conspired to steal proof and harass witnesses. The extradition judge claimed that Barrack 12 was ready for Modi at Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai and that after his extradition to India, he would not be denied justice. 

On March 19, 2019, the businessman was arrested on an extradition warrant, during which he appeared for several hearings in the case by video from Wandsworth Jail.

The judge said India had received 16 volumes of evidence. Based on the result, the court decision of the magistrates will be sent back to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel for a sign-off with the prospect of appeals on either hand in the High Court. 

Modi is accused of fraudulently receiving company letters that facilitated enormous outstanding loans. At both the level of the Judge and the High Court in the UK, he has been granted bail. He is also suspected of causing evidence and pressuring witnesses to vanish.

Purnima Ojha
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