UP Govt tries to defend its ‘Love Jihad’ ordinance

UP Govt tries to defend its 'Love Jihad' ordinance

The UP Government has recently sent a counter statement to the “ Love Jihad ” ordinance it passed. The Government defends it by saying that it was to prevent any forms of unlawful conversions that may be due to misrepresentation, force, and so on. According to the Government, since even the constitution is against forced conversions, the state has to protect the citizens. The UP government also questioned the Salamat Ansari case, which let an individual live with a person of their choice irrespective of religion. As questions relating to “inter-fundamental rights and intra-fundamental rights,” the judgment should be quashed. The statement also contained many other points, which include:

1. The conversion to another religion might compromise the dignity of the individual when the individual has not assured equality of status unless they fully convert. Therefore, the conversion would be against the choice of the individual.

2. The legislation was for the public interest and not due to any other reasons.

3.This was not the only law that was against force conversions as many other states like Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat have passed such laws. So, there is no need for it to struck down.

4. There is no provision in the ordinance aiming to control women, they are free to choose their life partners. Though there will be certain, regulatory mechanisms to ensure the dignity of women.

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