Why No Muslim judge has been appointed till date, Punjab-Haryana High Court dismisses PIL

Why No Muslim judge has been appointed till date, Punjab-Haryana High Court dismisses PIL

The Punjab-Haryana High Court has dismissed the PIL seeking the nomination of Muslims as judges in the Punjab and Haryana High Court since 1956, arguing that no Muslim community has yet to become a judge. A detailed order is yet to come on this petition.

A Chandigarh-based NGO had raised the issue of vacant posts of judges in the High Court while filing a PIL. It was told in the petition that 85 posts of judges are approved in Punjab-Haryana High Court, out of which 38 posts are still vacant. Due to such a large number of vacancies, the number of pending cases in the High Court is continuously increasing.

The number of cases was 541000, while in 2021 it has increased to 645000. Also, the issue was raised in the petition that since the High Court was formed in 1956, not a single judge has been formed from the Muslim community till now.

The petitioner said that it is very important to give representation to the Muslim community in the judiciary. In this regard, the petitioner also gave a demand letter to the Prime Minister. The petitioner said that if it is necessary to represent the minorities from any part of the country by making a person of the Muslim community a judge in this court. The High Court dismissed the petition after hearing the pleas of the petitioner side.

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