Sample Question for Quantitative Techniques (Part 2)

Sample Question for logical reasoning

Question 1

In a class test, the marks scored by 11 students are 15,19,22,7,5,21,9,8,13,17,23. Find

(i) Median

a) 15    b) 19    c) 5    d) 9

Ans a)

(ii) Lower quartile

a) 9  b)  8   c)  17  d) 23

Ans b)

(iii) Upper quartile

a) 22  b)   21   c) 23  d) 15

Ans b)

(iv)  Inter quartile range

a) 15)  b) 8   c) 21  d) 13

Ans d)


On arranging the given variates (marks) in ascending order , we get

5, 7, 8 , 9, 13, 15, 17, 19,21, 22, 23

(i) Here , n ( no of observations)=11, which is odd

Median= n+1/2th observation= 6th observation =15

(ii) Lower quartile(Q1)= n+1/4 th observation=3rd observation=8

(iii) Upper quartile(Q3)=3(n+1)/4 th observation=9th observation=21

(iv) Inter quartile range= Q3-Q1=21-8=13

Question 2

A woman walks 200 m in 6 min.

(I) Find her speed in km/h.

a) 4km/hr  b)2km/hr  c)  6km/hr   d)  8 km/hr

Ans b)

(ii) What distance would she cover in 4 hr 30 min?

a) 18 km  b)10 km  c)9 km  d) 15 km

Ans c)

(iii) How long would she take to cover 7 km?

a) 3.5 hr  b) 1.5 hr  c)  2.5 hr d) 4.5 hr

Ans a)


(I) Speed=Distance/time=200m/6 min= 200/6*60 m/s= 5/9 m/s= 5/9* 18/5 km/h=2 km/hr

(ii) The distance she would cover in 4 hr 30min (i.e. 9/2h)

=Speed*time=(2km/hr)*(9/2h)= 9 km.

(iii) The time he would take to cover 7 km


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